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Lavabed Recording is located in the Washington, DC area and is operated by Mike Fanuele, a record producer with over 28 years of recording, mixing, and live-sound experience. He has worked on multiple gold and platinum records and with numerous Grammy Award-winning artists. 
Gwen Stefani, LL Cool J, Kacey Musgraves, The Jonas Brothers, Danny Elfman, The Chainsmokers, Garbage, and Meghan Trainor have all trusted Mike's ears with their mixes. Maybe your mix is next...

Song Production, Broadcast Mix, Album Mixing? Get the conversation started by clicking "Get In Touch" located in upper right corner of the page.


“Recording and pre-production with Mike were particularly insightful. The rough versions of our songs were on the long side, and Mike helped us trim the songs and give them more focus. He really helped us bring out the strengths of each song...It was great to get an outside perspective. Having a strong vision is important, but knowing when to open up to new possibilities and integrate differing perspectives is just as important to songwriting,”


"When the full band kicks in, there's no holding back. The guitars are thick and distorted, the drums are forceful. It doesn't sound like a folk band trying to play loud, it simply sounds like a rock band. And that might be the secret to the success of "Waltzes and Pleas.""


"The former Revival member's debut solo EP, A Jailhouse... A Kingdom (Gypsy Eyes), features Evans's eerily beautiful vocals immersed in captivating acoustics and subtle percussion sets."

Fun sounding keyboard


Pro Tools, Logic
Full compliment of Plugins by: 
Antares, Auturia, Eventide, Fab Filter, Joe Meek, Massey, Moog, Native Instruments, Neural DSP, Softube, Sound Toys, Steven Slate, Waves (Mercury Bundle, Abbey Road Bundle, and many more...),
UAD 2 Satellite Octo and Quad Powered Plugins

K/H O300
K/H 810 Active Subwoofer
Yamaha NS10
Dangerous Music Monitor ST Monitor Controller

Clocking / Converters
Apogee Symphony I/O with 16 A/D and 16 D/A
Big Ben master clock in the Apogee Symphony
UAD Apollo 16

Microphone Pre Amps
(2) API 512c 
(2) Classic Audio Products VP26 *red dot*
(2) Classic Audio Products VP26 *GAR 2520*
(2) Classic Audio Products VP28
(2) Classic Audio Products VP312 DI
(2) Peavey VMP Tube Pre's
(12) Sound Workshop 1280's
(1) Tab Funkenwerk V71 DI (V72)
(2) Telefunken V676 (racked by Tom Gruning)
(2) Vintech X73i
(2) Ward Beck 124 (racked by Tom Gruning)

(1) Warm Audio WA-2MPX Stereo Tube Preamp

Hardware Compressors
(2) dbx 160A
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor
(2) Universal Audio 1176

(1) Warm Audio WA-1B


(1) AKG D24
(1) Audix D6
(1) AKG D112
(2) AKG 414

(2) Beyerdynamic MC930

(2) Coles 4038
(2) Neumann M149

(2) Neumann TLM193

(1) Neumann U87ai
(2) Oktava 012
(1) Reslo Vintage Ribbon Mic
(1) Sennheiser 421
(2) Sennheiser 604
(2) Sennheiser 609
(2) Sennheiser 614
(1) Sennheiser 902
(2) Sennheiser 903
(1) Sennheiser 906
(1) Shure Beta 52
(1) Shure Beta 91
(6) Shure SM57
(1) Shure SM57A
(3) Shure SM58

(1) Shure SM7B
(3) Shure SM98

Guitar / Bass Amps
Bad Cat 'Lil 15

Bogner Shiva (EL34s)
Fender Bassman (1965 Blackface)
Fender Vibro Champ (1970 Silverface)
Fender Squire 15
Frugal Amps JCM800
Frugal Amps Spitfire (Matchless Spitfire Circuit)
Frugal Amps Tweed Deluxe
Hovercraft Dwarvenaut 20

Neural DSP Quad Cortex Amp Simulator
Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve 1484 (1965)
Traynor YB1A-1 (1969)
Traynor YBA-3 Guitar Mate (1975)

Guitar / Bass Cabinets
Ampeg V4 4x12
Marshall 1960BV 4x12


Fender Bass VI

Fender Jaguar (Johnny Marr model)

Fender Stratocaster (American Elite model)

Fender Stratocaster (1984 - Japanese)

Fender Starcaster
Fender Telecaster Thinline
Fender P-Bass (1965)
Fender Jazz Bass - Marcus Miller
Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Reissue Les Paul Special (P90's)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (with Lindy Fralin Pure PAF's)
Gibson SG (1973)
Nash TC-63 (hand-built Telecaster with Loller pickups)
Nash JM-63 (hand-built Jazzmaster with Loller pickups)
Slick SL59 (with Frailin noiseless P90 p/u)
Taylor 410 acoustic (1992)
Yamaha FG300 acoustic (1969)
Yamaha FG150 acoustic (1968)


Analogman King Of Tone

Analogman Sun Face Germanium Fuzz 
Analogman Beano Boost
Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz

Boss DM-101
Boss PQ-3B Parametric EQ Pedal

Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978 Reverb Pedal

Dunlop Cry Baby Classic Wah Pedal
Earthquaker Devices Terminal Fuzz
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger
Frugal Amps Throbulator Pitch Shifting Tremolo (built from '50s Hammond Tremolo)
Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal
Greenhouse Effects Sonic Orb Phaser

JHS Cheese Ball Fuzz Pedal

JHS Bonsai Overdrive Pedal
JHS Muffluetta Distortion / Fuzz

Latent Lemon Audio Hurts Fuzz
Line 6 DL4 Modeling Delay
Line 6 Echo Park Modeling Delay
Line 6 Tap Tremolo
Moog Minifooger Analog Delay
Mr Black Gilamondo Phaser
Mr Black Thunderclaw Distortion
MXR Flanger M-117R 
MXR Phase 90 Script Reissue
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star Reverb

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion Chorus / Delay
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen Mod Delay 
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession Reverb
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus
Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe Compressor Pedal
ProCo Rat Distortion Pedal
Rimrock Effects Mythical Overdrive (Klone)
Sanford & Sonny Bluebeard Fuzz Pedal

Smallsound / Bigsound Buzz

Smallsound / Bigsound Fuck Overdrive
Smallsound / Bigsound Mini Overdrive
Smallsound / Bigsound Pretty Years Drive
Stone Deaf Tremotron
Strymon Blue Sky Reverb
Strymon Volante Delay
Walrus Audio Descent Reverb
Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz

Warm Audio Mutation Phaser
Xotic EP Booster Pedal


Behringer ARP 2600 Analog Synth
Behringer Deepmind 12 Analog Synth

Behringer Model D Analog Synth

Behringer MonoPoly Analog Synth

Behringer Poly D Analog Synth

Behringer Pro-1 Analog Synth

Behringer Pro-800 Analog Synth

Behringer Solina String Ensemble

Behringer System 55 Modular Synth

Komplete Kontrol S61
Korg MS-21 Mini Modular Analog Synth
Kurzweil SP76

Roland Aira Compact S-1 Tweak Synth
Sunrise organ

Custom built C&C drum kit including:
18" x 24" Kick Drum
9" x 13" Rack Tom
14" x 16" Floor Tom

Q Drum Gentleman's Series Aluminum Snare (7x14)

Zildjian 22" Constantinople Ride
Zildjian 18" Dark Crash
Zildjian 16" Dark Crash
Zildjian 14" A New Beat Hi Hats
DW and Pearl Drum Hardware

Maschine Mikro Controller
Multitude of assorted percussion from around the world


+1 240-603-6376

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